The Lazy Days of Summer Never Ends This Fort Myers Songwriter Fest

The Lazy Days of Summer Never Ends This Fort Myers Songwriter Fest

So, now What? It’s the end of September, so it’s not quite summer and not quite fall; hold on, it’s always summer in Southwest Florida. What better way to continue our endless summer than with the Island Hopper Songwriter Fest? Each year in this bustling corner of Southwest Florida, more specifically, Captiva, Downtown Fort Myers, […]

The Bird is the Word

The Bird is the Word

You’d have to be living under a tree not to take notice of the wildlife in southwest Florida and its unique connection to the natural world. Perhaps due to its proximity and consistency to the Everglades ecosystem, there seems to be a focus on nature and preservation that doesn’t exist in many other parts of […]

Top 3 Reasons Florida so HOT

Here in the mid-Atlantic, like much of the country, the seasons change from hot summer nights to cool autumn evenings and it got me thinking about the weather in Florida. And just how dang consistent it is. I’m not sure I’d like to live in that nice of a climate 365 days a year. I […]

How to choose a Bed and Breakfast? Ask yourself these 3 questions.

This is a good, old-fashioned, meat and potatoes Bed and Breakfast basics article. We’re going to explore the best way to choose a bed and breakfast. But first I’m going to let you all in on a little industry secret. You ready? Not all bed and breakfasts are created equal. I know, I know, that […]

How to Return, with Gratitude

The Return. Kids can be so wise in their simplicity. If only us grown ups could remember to keep things as simple. On our last family vacation, one of my 5 year olds was having a total meltdown because we were packing for our return home. After speaking with his Mama for a few minutes […]

4 Google Reviews From My Last Visit: Car, Food, Fun & Room

Hello fellow travelers. After a slew of covid related trip delays, I was finally able to visit my brother, wonderful sister-in-law, and niece just a couple weeks ago and Fort Myers did not disappoint. The weather in mid-May was B-E-A-utiful in the upper 80’s to low 90’s with sunshine in abundance. Bob said it was […]

Travel Hack: Rental Car Edition

Hey there Blog & Breakfast readers! Spring has sprung. And I don’t know about you, but spring is the kick-off to my travel season. I have short stays and family vacations scheduled for the next 6 months. As such, I rent cars 3-5 times a year and have a sure bet for the best deals. […]

Betcha Didn’t Know, Florida Edition

🌞 Betcha didn’t know that almost 42% of the US population is Vitamin D deficient Vitamin D has an enormous function within the body. It stays active in many tissues and cells and gets absorbed through our skin via sunlight. We associate it with bone health, but scientists have seen beneficial correlations with improving mental […]

Got Spring Fever? Check out Spring Training in Southwest Florida!

What comes to mind when I say the word Florida? Is it palm trees and beaches? Mickey and Disney world? Gators and Gatorade? Mine was my brother and the Hibiscus House, but palm trees and beaches were a very close second. If you didn’t think of spring training and baseball, after reading this you’ll see […]

Bed Breakfast & Beyond

By now we’ve all been heavily steeped in COVID 19 restrictions. We’ve missed every social gathering, vacation, sports games and school events, even holiday festivities. As a country, we’ve tried to stay connected with Facebook Live events, Zoom meetings, and FaceTime video. But it’s just not the same. With the roll-out of vaccines, hopefully, we […]