Top 3 Reasons Florida so HOT

Here in the mid-Atlantic, like much of the country, the seasons change from hot summer nights to cool autumn evenings and it got me thinking about the weather in Florida. And just how dang consistent it is. I’m not sure I’d like to live in that nice of a climate 365 days a year. I […]

3 More Layers of Travel: Thank you Covid-19

I know I made a promise about what you can expect from this month’s blog, but as it turns out I have a bunch to say about this topic, so it’s going to be a two-parter. A few thoughts on new preparations first, followed by the importance of routine later. Traveling has always and will […]

Stay Safe, Stay Small

I think we should discuss the elephant in the room. No, not the fact that Carole Baskin absolutely killed her husband and fed him to the tigers. I’m talking about Covid-19. Specifically, concerning travel. A quick disclaimer: I am in no way, an expert on the safety practices to protect against Covid-19 and you need […]